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Parker Pneumatics

Official UK Parker Pneumatics distributor MK Air Controls provides the range of products that the market has grown to expect from one of the world’s leading motion control companies.

MK Air Controls, can also assist with our Value Added assembly service, reducing time and costs by delivering completed control technology systems directly to you.

Parker pneumatics provides innovative, quality products and maintains a leading edge expertise by concentrating on a number of market segments such as Road and Rail Transport, Food Industry, and Aluminium Smelters. Parker has also developed pneumatic components that withstand abrasive Aluminium oxide, desert heat, Nordic Cold and strong detergents used in washdown applications.

Parker Pneumatics deliver.

Massive range of Pneumatic and Electromechanical Components and systems.

Products for extreme conditions.

Continual development of Innovative products.

Global Technical support and product availability.

Parker Products